Obsidian Brisbane

Centrally-located districts boasting some of the most beautiful condominium architecture in the country. Called the "prime districts" because condominium prices and land values here are the highest in Singapore. Glitz, glamour, shopping, wining and dining - it all happens here.
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Obsidian Brisbane

Post by darkdevil » Mon Nov 06, 2017 3:02 pm

Obsidian Brisbane - The New Jewel in Brisbane.

Brisbane’s New jewel in the sky is a dramatic interplay between architecture and an extraordinary natural wonder. A dark volcanic glass formed as molten lava cools, Obsidian’s rich black lustre has intrigued for centuries. Prized by ancient cultures for its reflective surface, razor sharp edges and alluring aura, Obsidian’s mythical powers to protect and awaken have long been revered. From only A$395,000, 10% Downpayment, Balance deferred till completion date.

More information at https://investintproperty.com/propertie ... -brisbane/

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