The Parc Komo Showflat Launch

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The Parc Komo Showflat Launch

Post by Evenstar » Fri Apr 12, 2019 9:04 pm

Parc Komo is the new project that will replace the former Changi Gardens. This is a low-rise freehold development located at the corner of Jalan Mariam and Upper Changi Road North, on the edge of the Flora Drive estate. While this location is considered something like out in the boondocks so to speak, the Parc Komo condo does have a few factors going for it.

For a start, as mentioned before, it sits on freehold land. Compared to the most recent launches in the vicinity like at Flora Drive, that are 99 year leasehold. And because the developer, CEL Development got the land at the comparatively good price, the Parc Komo pricing would likely be among the most affordable for a new freehold project in recent times. This project is also quite close, within 5 to 10 minutes drive from Changi Business Park, the SUTD (Singapore University of Technology and Design), and most importantly, Changi Airport.

There has been quite a fair bit of news lately about the opening of Jewel at Changi. It should add not only interest and excitement to the area, but also jobs in the vicinity. So that would beef up the tenant and buyer pool of staff working in these locations. Figures like about 10,000 jobs in the locality have been mentioned before.

The Parc Komo showflat is due to open soon, possibly next month May. The floor plans have also just come out. Total of 276 residential units for sale, not a very big project, and only 5 storeys high. However it will have some shops as well, so that helps its otherwise not so convenient location.

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