Free Hot Leads for New Real Estate Agents !

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Free Hot Leads for New Real Estate Agents !

Post by emzi » Fri Jun 03, 2016 6:42 pm

Hello Real Estate Professionals !
My name is Emzi and I am a Digital Marketing Strategist.

I am writing a book and need some case studies for my work and it's success.

If you are a real estate agent and have NO marketing budget, then I’d like to Generate MASSIVE AMOUNT OF LEADS FOR YOU


****I am not selling anything ***

Why Free?:I am writing a book abt Marketing Makeovers to find a min $20,000 in additional income using my strategies. They have proven to be so successful that my publisher wants me to finish my book sooner, but here’s the problem, I need more data-in virtually every professional services business to warrant the claims I’d like to make.

I am looking for 3 real estate agents - preferably new - no more than 6 months in the Real Estate Business. (The Areas that I am targeting to get you leads for are Changi Area / Clark Quay and Orchard - if you are new but not interested in these areas, simply let me know)

Anyway,if you allow me to do this for you I will not only set up a lead generating site-but would create all the marketing collateral-easily costs 10k+. In return all i need is a testimonial from you. That is all to it.

If you’re not interested, then please accept my apology for intruding on your day.

If you’re serious, drop me an a PM

This process will need some discussion, I'd prefer you install skype - I can share some work I have done - and explain what I am going to do for you so you get tons of leads.



P.S: No Gimmicks, no tricks, just free HOT LEADS.

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