Some info on Property Malaysia for investors and business

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Some info on Property Malaysia for investors and business

Post by property-agent » Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:33 pm

Hi guys,

Anyone that is interested in some landed properties in Malaysia, here are some good links that might be helpful for you:

House for Sale can go from RM120K and up, depending on the location in Malaysia your trying to find. I would suggest taking a look at some new developments in Seremban 2, Semenyih, Puchong, Cheras and Penang.

If your looking to do some business in Malaysia and want to find a shop for rent .. then you can try the below link. My advise would be to go for the shop lots that are walking distance from a condominium or apartment. This would usually bring in more walk-in customers daily compared to housing areas. If your looking to rent a place for a restaurant, then I would suggest for you to find the shoplot that is found inside new apartments and condos. Many new developments are having that and if your lucky enough to get it, its kinda like jackpot.

Now if your looking for Land for Sale, then for those that do not know, land issues in Malaysia are pretty tricky if your planning to invest. Also do not believe every tom, dick and harry that you meet that tells you golden opportunity on short-term benefits investing in land in Malaysia. This has to be done very carefully with a lawyer you know for some time. I personally know of cases where foreigners have complained to me about new lawyers that recommend them to buy a land and then when things go bad, they collude with the judge to request the foreigner to pay a large sum of money as a penalty to get the problem fixed. But that does not mean that there are no good opportunities. If you are patient enough to make sure you do every paperwork and agreement in black and white and triple check everything through multple sources, then you could really be hitting jackpot in the long term. Land prices in Malaysia are jumping as developments spread out of cities.

If your looking to rent a condo while you do business in Malaysia. Then check the below page:

Hope all this info helps. The reason I have given this site is simply cause its a free site, so property agents like me do not have to pay to post ads, which I would have to say appreciate.

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